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Water Damage Restoration Southfield

David Globke, the owner of 911 Restoration Southfield takes great pride in not only restoring homes to their former glory after a water damage event, but also in restoring the peace and calm of the homeowner during this time.

911 Restoration Greak Lakes | HazmatDavid knows how events like this can be trying on the patience of the individual, and that can lead to stress which causes bad decisions, and in a water damage crisis the last thing you want to do is make bad decisions.

So make a great decision right now and add David to your list of service professionals that you can trust to do a job correctly, to the highest quality in the industry and all at a great value to you.

David and his teams of water damage specialists are capable of responding to any water damage restoration Southfield emergency call within the service area in 45 minutes or less.

This means that no matter what the scenario you are dealing with, it can be solved in no time with his help. David takes pride in being able to arrive so quickly and provide such high quality work for water damage to his customers.This is one of the many reasons why he is so trusted among the Southfield community for his skills.

If you have a water damage situation happening in your home or business and you want it taken care of by a trusted and IICRC certified professional who will treat your home like it was his own, then call David today!

Here are some aspects of his personality and business that set David apart from the competition:

  • Fundamental dedication to customer satisfaction.
  • Water damage jobs are his bread and butter and he solves them quickly for you.
  • David makes sure to always put the customer first for all water damage jobs.
  • His 911 Restoration Southfield crew are working with all insurance companies for you.
  • David will file claims for you, to save you headache.

Ultimately David knows the world of water damage restoration inside and out, and there are no challenges left in the business that he hasn’t mastered completely. This is why you can trust him to not only extract the water from your home, but also to give you back your peace of mind when he starts his excellent work. So call now for the best in the business!

Pride in the Process.

911 Restoration Great Lakes | Chicago SkylineBeing in a water damage crisis is bad enough, but to have operators who provide shoddy work only makes the situation worse. This is why David and his teams of professionals work around the clock when you have an emergency so that they can ensure the prevention of opportunity for mold growth.

Fungus has the potential to grow anywhere water has come into contact that is porous and has a substrate that it can feed off of. This means that your home may already be in the first stages of mold growth if you have recently experienced a water damage issue.

Prevention of the peripherals that accompany water damage is critical in saving a home from the full force of the event.

This means that even if you think that all of the water has been pulled out, there may still be lingering moisture hidden in areas that you can’t see which may cause trouble later on if not handled by professionals like David and his team.

 A Story of Prevention.

911 Restoration Great Lakes | Before and AfterMany of the people who find themselves in need of a restoration professional are already in a state of emotional disarray and additionally many of them have financial troubles which have prevented them from seeking help sooner.

This is something that David knows all too well. While we all experience a cash shortage from time to time, David wants you to know that he can work with any property owner to ensure the best, safest, and highest quality work for a project even if the insurance company can’t cover the damage.

On one occasion, David encountered a home that was overflowing with water still when he entered it. The homeowner was distraught and couldn’t handle the water let alone the cost for repair work.

David did it all anyway, because that’s the type of guy he is. He cares about not just doing the work, but also the people who live and work from these structures.

“Ensuring that people are safe and sound is just a part of the job to me” David says. And this type of fresh start attitude and quality of work is what makes David your best bet when any type of disaster strikes inside your home.

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